Mergers & Aquisitions Solutions

M&A Risk Management and Transaction Advisors

Aon M&A Solutions provide risk management, risk intelligence, human capital consulting plus risk transfer and insurance solutions to clients undertaking acquisitions, mergers, divestitures or organic growth strategies into new markets or territories.

The team comprises 350+ private equity and M&A specialists working across 34 countries and four continents.

Clients receive deep sector and geographical insights for enhanced investment, pricing and strategic decision-making to facilitate the most complex of cross-border transactions, transformation, restructuring or growth plans.

Aon’s M&A team provides ONE point of access to identify, manage, transfer or mitigate all risks – strategic, financial, operational, human, environmental and non-financial.

Recognising the imperative to take out costs and de-risk organisations, we have developed a suite of services designed to systematically identify opportunities and strategies, optimise performance through proper management of organisations’s greatest asset – their people, reduce operational costs and risk and protect value creation.

In this issue of the AMAS Review, we assess cyber risk and provide dealmakers with key steps to mitigating risk and potentially serious financial and reputational loss resulting from data breach and non-compliance with data security and disclosure legislation – including gaps in business interruption and the need for relevant due diligence.

We look at Real Estate and Infrastructure risk mitigation and how legal indemnity solutions can not only unlock deals, but actually speed up time to completion. Assisting title investigations, appeasing lenders and adding more security to the assets you buy.

Grant Foster, Head of ERM at Aon, discusses business interruption and avoiding supply chain disruptions and shares four ways companies can help lower their supply chain risk profile including assessment of strategic, tactical, response and preparedness of companies – especially when undertaking growth and or cross-border or JVs for example.

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